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Dr. Buchanan knows there is a Pain and Mental Health crisis.  The Pandemic, the Mental Health Crisis, and the resistance for primary care doctors to treat Pain is a growing concern.  Those with mental health concerns such as PTSD and those with uncontrolled Pain, such as neuropathic pain, have been hit the hardest due to lack of easily accessible care.  There is a general lack of understanding of the best applications for medical marijuana in Texas and the Texas Compassionate Use Program.

Dr. B has post-graduate training in Anesthesiology and Primary Care. Her medical practice has concentrated on Pain and Psychiatry.  She is one of the first physicians to prescribe medical marijuana in Texas through the Texas Compassionate Care Program.  She is Board Certified and has over 20 years of clinical experience. Looking for a medical marijuana card in San Antonio or medical marijuana Texas? Contact Dr. Buchanan today!

As of 2022, over 2 million Texans now qualify for medical marijuana Texas as a treatment option through the Texas Compassionate Use Program for the following conditions: • Peripheral neuropathy • Spasticity • All forms of Cancer even in remission• PTSD • Epilepsy and other seizure disorders • Autism • Multiple Sclerosis • ALS • Dementia • Parkinson’s Disease • Huntington’s Disease • Over 100 other incurable neurodegenerative disorders

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