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Dr. B believes marijuana and its beneficial therapeutic qualities can help people across the range of health and well-being. Cannabis is capable of helping you maximize comfort, so you can enjoy every moment of a life well-lived.

Patient Prescription - Dr. B’s Compassionate Care
$90 for 6 Months | $150 for 1 Year

Patient Prescription

Dr. B’s Compassionate Care offers two prescriptions, a 6 month prescription and a 1 year prescription. The price of the prescription includes access to necessary refills, follow-up appointments, and physician oversight regarding dosing assistance and education. The price to obtain a 6-month prescription is $90 and the price of a one-year prescription with Dr. B’s Compassionate Care is $150. 

Probationary Letter - Dr. B’s Compassionate Care
$50 Flat Fee

Probationary Letter

Dr. B’s Compassionate Care understands the unique needs of patients on probation and offers letter documentation to assist them. We will provide personalized letters tailored to meet the requirements of your probation. For a flat fee, we ensure that patients receive the necessary assistance with legal letters to aid them during their probationary period.

Do I Qualify? - Dr. B’s Compassionate Care

Do I Qualify?

We provide a quick and easy process to see if you qualify to receive a medical marijuana card in the state of Texas by reviewing your records to ensure you qualify for the Texas Compassionate Use Program.

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