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After obtaining a Medical Cannabis Prescription, medical marijuana in Texas usage is legal for medicinal purposes, including for those with a medical marijuana card in San Antonio. However, under Texas law, recreational use is currently prohibited by law.

  • A patient will need to be a permanent resident of Texas.
  • Have a state-approved physician make a medically qualifying diagnosis.
  • Be added to the Compassionate Use Program Texas Registry

You may purchase cannabis from any dispensary in the state of Texas after being added to the Compassionate Use Program Texas Registry. Pickup locations and delivery are also available with select dispensaries.

No, there is no medical card issued by the state of Texas.

Once you are approved by the physician, your name will be added to the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT). You can then contact the dispensary online, in person, or by phone. They have access to CURT, can verify your approval, go over all the products with you, and make suggestions for a personalized plan for your specific needs.

There will be a phone number on the side of the container or bottle that you receive from the dispensary that they can call to verify that you are in the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT).

The dispensary can guide dosing for you. To learn more, you can contact the dispensary, Texas Original at 512-614-0343.

Medical Marijuana Texas prescriptions are valid for one year.

No. However, you do need to be a Texas resident with a verifiable Texas address.

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