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Stress and Anxiety

It’s important to know that stress and anxiety are not the same, even though the terms are often used interchangeably. While stress and anxiety are both emotional responses and usually result in similar symptoms, they have several important differences.

Stress is usually triggered by an external event or situation. An upcoming college exam, money problems, or even a recent fight with a spouse could cause stress. Furthermore, stress is usually a short-term response and generally goes away once the triggering situation has been resolved or the stressful event has passed

Medical marijuana Texas is best thought of as a symptom management tool for stress and anxiety. What researchers have found was that overall, marijuana is extremely effective in treating stress and anxiety symptoms — 95.51% of test subjects saw a reduction in stress and mental health-related symptoms, 2.32% said that their symptoms worsened, and 2.16% reported no change. While marijuana is overwhelmingly effective in relieving the short-term effects of stress and anxiety, it does not treat the underlying causes, and therefore does not prevent future stress or anxiety from arising again. In moderation, marijuana is best thought of as a stress or anxiety symptom management tool. However, there are a variety of other stress and anxiety medications such as SSRIs and SNRIs which produce short-term results as well. When patients stop taking these medications, their symptoms can return.

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