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A 2014 study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs examined the effectiveness of medical marijuana in reducing symptoms of PTSD. The results found that patients with PTSD experienced a 75-percent decrease in their symptoms upon using medical cannabis. Cannabis has long been touted as a fantastic sleep aid and, as such, can be beneficial to those with PTSD who have trouble sleeping due to recurring nightmares. In a 2019 study on cannabis and PTSD, researchers found that participants given “5 mg of THC twice a day as an add-on treatment enhanced sleep quality and reduced the frequency of nightmares.”  medical marijuana can alleviate anxiety-related symptoms of PTSD such as fear, insomnia, and social anxiety.

Causes of PTSD?

Almost anyone who has undergone a scary or traumatic experience could potentially develop PTSD. Victims of abuse or assault and military veterans are among the most common sufferers.

PTSD has traditionally been treated through a combination of therapy and medications designed to reduce anxiety, but both of those approaches have drawbacks. Therapy does not always address the physical symptoms, and traditional PTSD medications don’t always address the psychological and emotional symptoms. Furthermore, PTSD medications often cause negative side effects, such as weight gain and loss of libido.

How is PTSD Treated?

There is evidence That Medical Marijuana Can Treat PTSD. Research shows that medical marijuana can effectively treat both the mental and physical symptoms of PTSD. Multiple studies have shown that PTSD patients experience improved health outcomes with medical marijuana. The Food and Drug Administration has overseen studies showing medical marijuana was found to be an effective treatment for PTSD, specifically among veterans. 

How Cannabis works to Treat PTSD? 

There are cannabinoid receptors in both the brain and throughout the nervous system, and scientists believe this is why medical marijuana can address both the psychological and psychological symptoms of PTSD. Scientists believe that’s why medical marijuana has been shown to effectively treat a diverse list of PTSD symptoms, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, hallucinations, difficulty focusing, insomnia or poor sleep, and stress. 

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